About Us

Our organization aims to promote Japanese manga and enable a better understanding of its unique world.

We believe that manga are a unique cultural feature, as well as a wonderful means of expression. Besides, manga are not just for children; adults can also enjoy highly refined manga, in the same way that they appreciate movies and TV shows. Japanese manga have become increasingly popular worldwide and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Furthermore, we believe the manga phenomenon will continue to expand even further.
It is a reality that many great, touching manga are still unknown outside Japan, as they have not yet been translated. We think that this is just a temporary state, and that from now on, lots of interesting manga will be discovered and enjoyed overseas. In the meantime, many great foreign comics will surely penetrate the Japanese market.
In an increasingly globalized manga world, the number of people seeking a deeper understanding and more thorough knowledge of manga will continue to grow. Therefore, we believe it is our role to meet these demands by providing accurate information and services related to manga.

All the MANGA OASIS menber was born and educated in Japan. Our menber, who keep researching manga day and night, have over twenty years of experience. The wide range of expertise of our member enables us to provide accurate, high-quality.